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Grandmaster Ki Hong Kim


 GMaster Kim


An effective and charismatic leader in the martial arts community with the highest credentials. A successful entrepreneur as founder and business owner of several martial arts schools and programs in the U.S. since 1979. Executive level management experience, holding both State and National offices. 30 years of hands-on teaching experience which began with the Korean Army Combat Police.
• 9th Dan Grandmaster, World Taekwondo Federation, (WTF)

• 1st Class International Referee, WTF

• 2011- Present Advisory Member World Taekwondo Headquarters Kukkiwon

• 2011- Present Secretary GeneralWorld Taekwondo Masters Union (WTMU)

• 2011- Present Director of International Affairs, American Athletic Union (AAU)

• 2007- Present Treasurer, United States Taekwondo Committee (USTC)

• 2000-2003 President, Illinois State Taekwondo Association (ISTA)

• 2000-2004 Treasurer, United States Taekwondo Union (USTU)

• Member, United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

• President and Founder, K.H.Kim’s Taekwondo

• Licensed Grandmaster Instructor, USTU

• Chairman, Finance & Fundraising Committee, Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU)

• 1996-2000 Referee Vice Chairman, USTU


About Grandmaster Ki Hong Kim

 If you are interested in bettering your mind and body, don’t you want to learn from someone who can provide the support, guidance, physical tools, knowledge and experience to get you there?

 Just like many kids today, Grandmaster Kim’s mother urged him to study Taekwondo as a child to eliminate his lack of self-confidence and fear. Taekwondo helped Grandmaster Kim to overcome those fears and develop the skills and self-confidence to succeed in life. Because he has never forgotten how Taekwondo has changed his life, he is on a personal mission to help build that same sense of self-confidence in others through Taekwondo.

Grandmaster Kim believes that anyone can use martial arts as a tool for growth. Meet him and you will realize that he has not only dedicated his life to Taekwondo, but that he cares deeply about the students, family and instructors. He believes everyone can succeed and provides the encouragement to do so. Students from age four through senior citizens have benefited from the programs. Everyone from state and national champion athletes, people suffering from asthma, learning disabilities, discipline problems, heart attacks and cancer have benefited from the various programs at K.H.Kim’s Taekwondo.

His early passion for Taekwondo led him to leave home and become an instructor for Master Byung Chun Oh. During this period, Master Kim exchanged his teaching skills and maintenance of the school for food, clothes and a place to sleep for the privilege of studying with Master Ku and Master Young Woo Lee. As a young adult, his passion for learning led him to continue to build the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the martial arts. For example, as a student at a Jillson Buddhist temple, he learned various healing techniques and meditation as well as lessons from studying animals and nature. In contrast to his temple experience, his understanding of the practical nature of martial arts led Grandmaster Kim to teach a Korean Army special combat police squad how to prepare for hand-to-hand combat with North Korean infiltrators.

What this all means is that you will learn at a school that values you and the growth of you as a whole person, not just the physical.

If you are interested in advancing to the highest levels of the art of Taekwondo, doesn’t it make sense to study under someone who has experience and knowledge with international competitions to take you there?

As an 9TH Dan with the World Taekwondo Federation and a licensed Grandmaster Instructor for the United States Taekwondo Union, Grandmaster Kim’s achievements span from being the 1971 International Asian Kickboxing Champion and a Taekwondo champion in his youth to becoming an International leader of Taekwondo today.

Direct involvement with the Olympic Games is reserved for Taekwondo leaders with the greatest skills and dedication to the sport. Grandmaster Kim is one of an elite group certified to be a 1st Class international Olympic referee. From tournament director to United States team leader to international referee, Grandmaster Kim has been selected to lead and represent the United States in various capacities at international level competition. Grandmaster Kim knows what competition at the highest level is all about and he knows what it takes to get you there.

In addition, having been Treasurer of the United States Taekwondo Committee and the President of the Illinois State Taekwondo Association, Grandmaster Kim is a leading figure in promoting and building Taekwondo in the United States.

How else does Grandmaster Kim’s experience benefit me, the average Taekwondo student?

The best are attracted to the best. Top Taekwondo Masters, instructors and competitors from around the world (Korea, Philippines and Romania) are attracted to be a part of K.H.Kim’s Taekwondo so that they may learn from and instruct under Grandmaster Kim. You will find a strong group of adult and child black belts who have been with Grandmaster Kim for years and years. You will also find, however, many adult black belts who have chosen to switch from other schools to K.H.Kim’s Taekwondo because they can find the more advanced and sophisticated training needed to advance their progression in the art of Taekwondo.

Because of the high quality of the instructing staff, you will learn from a Taekwondo school that understands excellence and passes it on to its students. This combination of caring, experience and expertise is the key to explaining why K.H.Kim’s Taekwondo has become one of the largest Taekwondo facilities in the nation with students who are champions on the state and national levels.


Director of International Affairs
Amateur Athletic Union
La Buena Vista, FL USA
Secretary General
World Taekwondo Masters Union
Naperville, IL USA
Tournament Director
US Open Hanmadang TKD Championship
Chicago, IL USA
Tournament Director
US Open Hanmadang TKD Championship
Chicago, IL USA
Tournament Director
US Open Hanmadang TKD Championship
Chicago, IL USA
USTC Officer
World Hanmadang TKD Championship
Los Angeles, CA USA
Tournament Director
IL TKD Governor’s Cup Championship
Rolling Meadows, IL USA
WTF Delegate
2004 Olympic Games
Athens, Greece
U.S. Team Official
16th(9th Women’s) World Championship
Gamisch, Germany
U.S. Team Official
2nd International Women’s Open Championship
Gyeongju, Korea
U.S. Team Official
22Th Universiade Game Taekwondo
Daegu, Korea
U.S. Team Official
1st Inca International Championship
Lima, Peru
U.S. Team Official
15th World Championships
Cheju, Korea
U.S. Team Delegate
Pan American Junior Olympics
Santiago, Chile
Member, Arbitration Board
Central Cup Pan Am Games
Republica Dominica
U.S. Team Official
2nd Korea Open International
Chunchon, Korea
U.S. Team Official
15th World Cup
Hochimihn City, Vietnam
1st Women’s International
Los Angeles, California
U.S. Team Leader
14th World Cup
Lyon, France
U.S. Team Delegate
2000 Olympic Games
Sydney, Australia
U.S. Olympic Team Qualifiers
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Asian Regional Olympic Qualifiers
Manila, Philippines
U.S. World Championship Team Trials
Colorado Springs, Colorado
6th Pan American Open
Los Angeles, California
7th U.S. Open
Orlando, Florida
5th U.S. Open
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tournament Director
14th U.S. Junior Olympics
Chicago, Illinois
3rd U.S. Open
Colorado Springs, Colorado
11th World Championships
New York, New York
2nd U.S. Open
Colorado Springs, Colorado
8th Pan American Championships
Colorado Springs, Colorado
1st U.S. Open
Colorado Springs, Colorado
16th National Collegiates
Chicago, Illinois